Add Bread to Checkout Page

Proxy Payment Method

Adding Bread as a payment method on the checkout page requires the use of a “Proxy Payment Method”. This is essentially an unused payment method that Bread can replace on the checkout page.

Add a Proxy Payment Method

Get started by logging into your BigCommerce admin and navigating to Store Setup > Payments. Under Checkout Payment Settings, scroll down and expand Online Payment Methods.

Select an online payment method that your store is not currently using. You are choosing a payment method that Bread will override on the checkout page. Note that if you are using BigCommerce Optimize One Step Checkout, you must enable the Cash On Deliver method for this purpose.

Click Set up next to the selected online payment method.

On the Settings page for the selected online payment method, fill in dummy information where necessary and enter a Display Name of your choice. Note that if you are using BigCommerce Optimize One Step Checkout, you the Display Name must begin with “Bread # “. For example “Bread # Pay Over Time” would be a valid Display Name.

Click Save once you have completed the form.

Enable within Bread App

Find the Bread App settings under Apps > Bread Finance > App Settings.

Scroll down to Checkout and find the Proxy Payment Method menu. From the drop down menu, select the online payment method that you configured earlier.

Click Save to update your settings.

Note that Bread is now available as a payment method on your live site. Please confirm that Bread is available on your checkout page and perform a few test transactions in sandbox mode.

If you find that the Bread payment method is not available, it may be that the jQuery namespace is not available at your checkout page. If so, please add the following line above the Bread Script you previously added to your Google Analytics text field:

<script type=text/javascript src=></script>