Tutorial Video Library

Manage Bread Orders

Watch how to Authorize, Settle, Refund, & Cancel Bread orders and understand what a Pending status indicates.



Customize the Bread Modal

Learn how to customize the Bread modal to drive higher conversion rates.



Settlement Report Walkthrough

Understand how your finance team can use the settlement report to reconcile Bread transactions.



Applicant Report Walkthrough

Understand how your marketing team can use the applicant report to retarget the entirety of your customer base which has engaged with financing at any point along the purchasing journey.

Bread Carts Tutorial

Streamline over-the-phone and in-person sales for your CSR team by using the Bread Carts feature.



Magento Carts Feature

Learn how to reduce the time your customers spend checking out with Bread by easily creating and sending carts within Magento.