Install and Configure Bread Extension

Install the Bread Extension

The Bread extension contains everything you need to integrate Bread into your Magento 2 store. You can install the Bread Extension in two ways, using composer or a zip file of the plugin. We recommend going with the composer route as that’s how Magento recommends installing extensions, but either method will work.

Composer Installation Steps:

  1. Make sure you’ve downloaded composer on your machine, if you haven’t you can download it here
  2. From the server terminal, navigate to your root Magento directory and run ./composer.phar require breadfinance/module-breadcheckout. You might need to change the path to the composer.phar executable depending on where you have it downloaded.
  3. Run bin/magento module:enable Bread_BreadCheckout
  4. Run bin/magento setup:upgrade
  5. Run bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

Zip File Installation Steps:

  1. Download the Bread extension as zip file from here. Make sure you download the most recent version.
  2. Create a new directory Bread in the app/code directory of your root Magento folder
  3. Unzip contents into app/code/Bread folder, and rename the contents to BreadCheckout. So the path to the Block subdirectory would look like app/code/Bread/BreadCheckout/Block, the Helper would be app/code/Bread/BreadCheckout/Helper, etc.
  4. From the server terminal, navigate to the root Magento directory and run bin/magento module:enable Bread_BreadCheckout
  5. Run bin/magento setup:upgrade
  6. Run bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

Configure the Bread Extension

Find the Bread settings page in your store. From the Magento 2 admin:

  1. Click on Stores on the left hand menu, select Configuration under Settings
  2. Under Configuration, click on the Sales menu and select Payment Methods
  3. Under Payment Methods, open Other Payment Methods and Bread Checkout


Basic Settings

  1. Make sure that Enabled is set to Yes
  2. API Mode should be set to Sandbox during integration, but should be switched over to Live once your integration is ready for production
  3. Find your sandbox API and secret keys from your Bread sandbox merchant portal, under Account Settings
  4. Enter your API Key into the API Public Key field
  5. Enter your Secret Key into the API Secret Key field
  6. Set Payment Action to Authorize & Capture to request for the immediate capture of funds upon checkout. Please speak with your Success account manager before enabling Authorize & Capture
  7. Enable button by changing one or more of Enabled on Product Details Page, Enabled on Cart Overview Page, and Display as Payment Method on Checkout to Yes.
  8. In the upper right corner, hit Save Config to save your settings
  9. Flush your Magento cache and reload your store on a page you’ve enabled Bread to confirm everything appears


Advanced Settings

Show “as low as” pricing to not-logged-in users

Enable this setting to display an “as low as” per month price. Disable this setting to display “Pay over time” to customers that are not logged into Bread.

Healthcare Mode

This setting should be enabled for merchants selling health-related products. Healthcare mode restricts customer and product information from being automatically sent to Bread. Checkout from product and cart pages will be disabled as well.

Bread Button Design

Enter your custom CSS for Bread buttons. Your CSS should be minified into a single-line string. Please see the next section, Customize the Bread Experience, for guidance on forming your Bread button CSS.

Enable Targeted Financing based on Cart Size

Enable this setting to conditionally offer promotional financing programs, such as a 0% APR program, based on the total cart or product price. Please reach out to your Success account manager to set up promotional financing programs and get your financing program ID. Simply set the setting to “Yes”, then enter the desired threshold value and financing program ID as seen below to turn it on.