Go Live with Bread

Once you are happy with the Bread integration and have completed testing, it’s time to go live with Bread! Please follow these steps to turn on Bread for your customers.

Go Live Checklist

Access Live Merchant Portal: Ask your main Success point of contact for access to your live merchant portal.

Set Bread to Live: From within the Bread extension settings, change API MODE to Live.

Enter Production Keys: Log into your live merchant portal and find your API and Secret keys under Account Settings. Enter your API Key into API Public Key and enter your Secret Key into API Secret Key.

Save Settings: Hit Save Config in the upper right hand corner to save your settings.

Customize Bread Modal: Log into your live merchant portal and select Checkout Settings. Customize your Bread modal. (Thesesettings are not automatically carried over from your sandbox merchant portal)

Get My Rate Buttons: If you’re making use of Bread Apply “Get My Rate” buttons, make sure to change the data-api-key attribute to your live API key for each button. See Bread Apply docs for more details.

Congratulations, you’re now live with Bread!